🔴 Radiator Towel Hook – Hanger – 3D print – FreeCAD DIY design

Do you have a bathroom towel radiator and always struggle to hang multiple towels on it? Do you need a fast and permanent solution? I will show you how to design a simple hook for it in 5 minutes in a free design tool FreeCAD. I will also reveal a trick for faster sketching. Coming … Read more

🔴 Washing Machine Repair

Welcome to my new post for my video on Youtube. In this one, I will try to repair the washing machine. Coming up! See the video about it on YouTube! Hi. My washing machine is dead. Dirty clothes are piling up and I’m forced to call the service, buy a new one or try to … Read more

🔴 DIY MONEY PRINTING MACHINE 🤑 (magic, part 1)

Is your wallet always empty? Do you never win the lottery? Do you want to have your own money making machine? Well, this is the time! I will show you how to make one! Comming up! See the video about it on YouTube. Well, as a kid I had a money making machine. I didn’t … Read more