Computer game written during quarantine days due to Corona virus in march 2020.
Works on Android phones, Android tablets, Windows.

Game with one changing repetitive level.

Play a simple pleasing logic game. All levels are the same, but everytime there is something different. Figure out how to open the door to next level.
An arcade 2D type of game: spikes, balls, platforms, sword, helmet, shield and more…
Satisfy your urge to complete the challenge.

• changing repetitive levels
• strange ways to win
• player can die, but lives again

30 levels, simple clues.

Programmers: Rok Rodič, Rudi Rodič
Beta testers: Živa Rodič, Vesna Rodič

Available on Google Play: RUDI’S AGAIN (latest version)

Latest version can be found on Google Play!

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