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Welcome to my new post for my video on Youtube. In this one, I will try to repair the washing machine. Coming up!

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Hi. My washing machine is dead. Dirty clothes are piling up and I’m forced to call the service, buy a new one or try to repair it myself. The machine itself served me 10 years, what is a long time for today’s standards. As I am medical doctor by profession, I should probably try to repair it myself. Some doctors do repair things. So, our patient is dying, let’s start.

It seems it’s totally kaput. The machine stopped suddenly and all the indicators of life are gone. Turning the knob makes no difference. When shifted from the zero position LEDs should start blinking. As they don’t, this means no electricity to them and no electricity means either the power supply or switch has gone kaput. Let’s open the device and see. I will show you a time-lapse of the opening.

First I will dismantle it. Don’t forget to unplug it from the power socket! First I will take the top of. There are only two screws. Front has three screws at the top and two screws behind the drawer. Afterwards you just have to dislocate the front. The electronics board can be dislocated too. Just remember to put the knob to zero location for the assembly to be easier. I also advise to mark the cables and its locations with a permanent marker for the same reason. Take the PCB out.

From the first glance, I can tell there is a burnt, melted switch. The manufacturer of this PCB is REMCO. I checked machine’s power consumption and found out it consumes 10 amperes. It seams REMCO’s switches are thoughtfully selected. They should even deteriorate sooner. 10 years is too late. It should break a day after the expiration of the warranty. They could make more money.
All other elements seem to be well preserved. Here we have AC/DC converting elements, 4 AC relays, some transistors, EEPROM 24C02 and a microcontroller. It is a NEC 78F9177A, which is an 8-bit microcontroller. Enough for some fuzzy logic.
I tried to find a REMCO switch for my PCB online, but it seems nobody sells this kind of switches to end customers. Nevertheless I found the whole PCB for 70€. Nice trick. I decided to use other switch and mount it to the washing machine front. As I do not have a switch for such amperage, I decided to brick the PCB switch and use a cable switch when I will get one.

Now let’s put things back together. As you can see I used some nail polish over the bricks. Some dry nail polishes are isolators. Not all. It provides some safety. I advise you against this solution as it may easily break off and kill you.
Put the cables back as you have marked them before. Snap plastic parts together, put the screws back in, return the drawer. Screw back the top plate.

Now let’s plug it back to mains. Wait! Things that can happen here are: destroy even more not working electronics and make fireworks or blow up your fuses. Either way you can blame your dog if you have one.
Kaja, what did you do?

Well, back to reality. Let’s see if it works. LEDs are blinking and the dog can rest. If I select a random washing program, the door blocks and the drawer starts to rinse.

As you can see, if I can do it, so can you – regardless the dog. Just don’t let the electricity kill you. That’s all!
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How to dismantle and repair washing machine electronics board? I will show you how to repair its electronics. Most often the problem is the switch itself. It blows as it is underdimensioned. Funny video! Simple tutorial. Time lapse video.
Remco makes electronics for many washing machine producers (Gorenje, Electrolux…). Most of the times the reason for washing machine failure is the switch. It gets melted. I spent many hours online searching for the switch to replace, but these switches are sold only to companies (mounted on the PCB). Ordinary mortals cannot get one. I even tried to get one from the producer directly. Failure! So here I will show you how to circumvent the problem. You will become a washing machine repairman?!? Safety first!!!
Safety first!!! Unplug the device before opening it! Discharge static electricity! I cannot be held responsible for your mistakes! Be sure you know what are you doing!

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