Computer game written during quarantine days due to Corona virus in march and april 2020.
Works on Android phones, Android tablets, Windows.

A tower defending game alternative for young children and adults by heart.
Collect falling items on the screen (corn, chili, turkey). Get money and set chickens along the path to prevent foxes to pass along. Chickens throw eggs at foxes.
Falling items on the screen do the following:
– Corn brings you money for new chickens.
– Chili takes some money away.
– Turkey takes one chicken away.
You can put chickens in the following manner:
– One by one.
– One on another (max of two allowed).
Single chicken has limited range of fox detection and throws eggs slowly. Double chicken has a red head and detects foxes further away and throws eggs faster. The best combination is two double chickens on each side of the road. By collecting chickens the total chicken army count goes up. Even from level to level. It brings additional points in the total score. The chicken army count brings you an army title. Titles are:
– private
– major
– colonel
– general
There is a score board. Three difficulty levels. 24 levels. Most levels have specific outlook – names of our closest friends. The game was made during the quarantine days due to Corona virus in march and april 2020. It is dedicated to my niece Zarja Arcet. Names in the game:
– Ajša
– Aljaž
– Boštjan
– Darja
– Lea
– Lovro
– Luka
– Maja
– Nuša
– Pija
– Rudi
– Tomaž
– Vesna
– Vid
– Vita
– Zarja
– Zoran
– Živa

You can pause the game, skip levels (Skipping levels resets total score to zero. So does exiting the game to main menu.).

– Collect corns
– Buy chickens
– Prevent foxes from passing by throwing eggs.
– Get army titles
– Total score, score table
24 levels

Programmers: Rok Rodič, Rudi Rodič, Živa Rodič
Beta testers: Vesna Rodič

Available on Google Play: RUDI’S CHICKENS (latest version)

Latest version can be found on Google Play!

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