🔴 DIY MONEY PRINTING MACHINE 🤑 (magic, part 1)

Is your wallet always empty? Do you never win the lottery? Do you want to have your own money making machine? Well, this is the time! I will show you how to make one!
Comming up!

See the video about it on YouTube.

Well, as a kid I had a money making machine. I didn’t get rich, but other kids believed me I can print the money. Honestly, it’s a magic trick. So, if you are interested, stick with me. If you find this video funny or interesting, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos. Don’t forget to hit LIKE, COMMENT at the bottom, SHARE video with your friends and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. My kids grew to the age I was when I started printing money, so I decided to make them one. Luckily I have a 3D printer, and I have designed the machine myself. You can 3D print it too. Find the 3D files on my homepage (here, at the bottom) or on Thingiverse.com. All the links are in the description below. If you follow the video to the end, you can get the insight into the design. Frankly, if I didn’t have the printer, I would use some plastic plumbing pipes and wood and make it. Kids love the magic.
I will upload a separate video on how to design it from scratch in free tool FreeCAD. So, let’s start!

Trick demonstration.
FreeCAD recording.
Making one.

As I have already made the money printing machine, I will show you my measurements. My model fits money size of about up to 8cm width. It fits 10, 20 and 50€ nicely.

First we have to design two tubes. I made them hollow with 20mm in diameter and 12cm long. Then we have to print four rings that encircle our tubes. So raduises are a bit longer. The last thing is enclosure. It is around 9cm long. We will put the tubes through.

So let us have glimpse at the making one. When we assemble the parts together, we have to glue our rings to the tubes. Their intentions are not to allow tubes from sliding out of the enclosure.
In the end we only have to cut some foil, wide enough to fit our device and long enough to fit the money length multiplied by around 1.5 times. We glue it to tubes in the figure of S. I glued it to tubes with some scotch tape. As you can imagine, before the trick we will hide the money on one side and wind it around one tube. We prepare the blank paper. It’s best if we cut it to the same size as the money we just hid. As we will slide the paper in on the other side and wind it around the tube, the money will slide out from the opposite one.

I will show you how to print the money. It is a magic trick. I will show you a basic drawing in FreeCAD and measurements. It is a few minutes project. Meanwhile I will play a time-lapse of 3D printing the money printing machine. STL files can be found on my homepage (here) or on Thingiverse.com.
A simple project.
Find a separate video (Coming soon!) on how to design it in FreeCAD: it’s a FreeCAD tutorial / FreeCAD tutorials for beginners.

STL files for the Money Making Machine


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