Computer game written during quarantine days due to Corona virus in march 2020.
Works on Android phones, Android tablets, Windows.


Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away on a small planet called Infectia there lived creatures which did not like to wash their hands. They were constantly ears and nose picking. By doing so, they have summoned upon themselves a dark destiny – a germ, which has somewhat reduced the population…
And there has come a great savior – YOU!!! – which has destroyed many of the invaders. All glory!!!
Your goal here is to destroy all the germs. Some are more harmful. We will send you some medicine along the way. Use it wisely. The most important thing!!! AVOID CIGARETTES!!! They destroy your lung cells and open the path for the germs into your lungs – the fight will be doomed!

Breakout game. Twisted old style. Destroy the bad guys!!!

Play a simple pleasing game. Use a 2D movable pack and send a wrecking ball into known viruses. Lifelike spread, cough at the spread time. Funny introduction text. Viruses move around and turn towards the ball.
An arcade 2D type of game: one ball, spreading viruses, score table, health packs…
Satisfy your urge to complete the challenge and heal the world.

• Virus
• Spread of the virus
• Cough at the spread time
• Intense music
• Help coming along the way
• Save the world!!!

Programmers: Rok Rodič, Živa Rodič
Beta testers: Rudi Rodič, Vesna Rodič

Available on Google Play: RUDI’S GERM OUTBREAK (latest version)
(The company Google disallows usage of the words “coronavirus” and “corona virus” due to “sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster…”. I totally agree with their policy, and:
The reason this game was made is my intention to KEEP PEOPLE AT HOME!!! and play the game and to SPREAD AWARENESS!!! and by no way to encourage people to spread any germ.) So,


Latest version can be found on Google Play!

Please to visit Google Play and give us a +5 rate. If you find this game nice, please visit this site and donate some greens.

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