In a very short time amazing things will happen!

On these pages I will present my latest product – HOME UROFLOWMETRY DEVICE. In short – UROFLOW.

At the moment, me and my team are conducting an extensive preproduction testing.

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The usage is simple – install an app on your iphone, ipad or android device.


Uroflowmetry is a medical test that measures the flow rate and volume of urine during urination. It is commonly used to diagnose and monitor conditions such as bladder outlet obstruction and other reasons.

There are several reasons why you should have your own uroflowmetry device at home‍ :

CONTINOUS MONITORING: Having our uroflowmetry device at home‍ can allow you to continuously monitor your urinary flow rate and volume over time. If you are young and don’t have urinary problems yet, you can compare your results with others and see when things worsen and it is time to visit an urologist. This can be especially helpful if you are being treated for conditions such as bladder outlet obstruction/stricture, as it can allow you to track your progress and ensure that your treatment is effective.

COMFORT: Uroflowmetry devices are usually used in the doctor’s office. Using a device in a public place can be uncomfortable and may not provide accurate results. By having a device at home‍ you can feel more comfortable and relaxed while undergoing the test, which can lead to more accurate results.

HYGIENE: Using a uroflowmetry device in the doctor’s office can also raise hygiene concerns. By having your own uroflowmetry device at home‍ , you can ensure that the device is properly cleaned and maintained, which can help to reduce the risk of infections, irritation, discomfort…

ACCURACY: Using a device in a public place may result in inaccurate measurements and misleading results. By using your own device at home‍ , you can be confident that the results of the test are accurate and reliable.

CONVENIENCE: Having a uroflowmetry device at home‍ can be more convenient, as it can be used in the privacy‍ of one’s own home. This can be especially beneficial for men who may be hesitant to use a device in a public setting or who have mobility issues that make it difficult to travel to a medical facility. Additionally, having a uroflowmetry device at home‍ can allow men to undergo the test at their own convenience, rather than having to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Our uroflowmetry devices are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to visiting a healthcare provider for the test. In many cases, men and women can purchase their own uroflowmetry device and use it at home, rather than paying for the cost of an office visit.

In conclusion, men and women should consider having their own uroflowmetry device at home‍ for comfort, hygiene, accuracy, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and continuous monitoring. By using a device that is specifically designed for home‍ usage, you can get more accurate and reliable results and have a better overall experience when undergoing uroflowmetry testing. Additionally, having a uroflowmetry device at home‍ can provide you with greater control over your own healthcare and allow you to monitor your urinary function more effectively!

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