🔴 Make XIAOMI YI WIFI remote (Arduino, ESP8266)

Welcome to my new post for my video on YouTube. In this one, I will show you how to make your own WIFI remote controller for your Xiaomi YI, YI 4k or YI 4k+ action camera for 3€..

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Hi. I will show you how to make a very simple and cheap remote controller for your Xiaomi YI camera. We will use a well known Espressif ESP8266 module. I selected a NodeMCU version, as it is nice for demonstration and development. We will also need a USB cable for programming. It currently costs around 3€ on Aliexpress. For the final product I suggest you use ESP-01 module, which is cheaper and smaller. Don’t be afraid, the tutorial is very simple, and you can do it in about 10 minutes. I did all the hard work. That is: research and write the code. All you will have to do is to setup Arduino environment with ESP core and download my sources, so let’s start. All the links are in the description below. If you do not know how to program the ESP8266, please watch my other video about how to install Arduino and set it up to program the ESP chips. If the end product doesn’t work, you have probably forgotten to turn your Xiaomi YI WIFI on. You can connect the product to the USB port and watch what it does as it reports its status. I have to invite you to hit LIKE, SHARE this video with your friends, buy me a coffee through paypal or SUBSCRIBE to my channel while not forgetting to press the bell next to subscribe button to be informed about new videos. Supporters are also welcome on my Patreon site. All the above encourages me to make new videos like this.

First go to my github site and download source code. Go to github.com/rokrodic. Go to “repositories”, click “ESP8266_Xiaomi_YI_WIFI_Remote”, go to “Clone or download” and select “Download ZIP”. Now open ZIP file and extract it. After downloading and unpacking it, open it with Arduino software. Now just connect your NodeMCU and press compile. That’s it. Let’s see what does my program do and what options we have in the current release at the time of recording this video.

At startup the program sets serial port for debugging. After that it calls searchCamera function. It scans the available WIFIs and searches for a network starting with “YDXJ” which is YIs’ WIFI. Setup then connects to this network and to default camera WIFI address at default port. Program then waits for a certain keypress and afterwards requests token from camera and sends appropriate json formatted request to it. That is all. At the top of the program you can also see other commands which can be sent to camera.

The current version sends two types of command. First one is to take picture and the second one is to start or stop video recording. There are two keys. One for photo and the other for recording. If you take the photo in the middle of recording, it will stop recording, take the picture and afterwards continue recording. The drawback will be two separate recording files which can be joint later on your PC.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wifi remote controller for action camera Xiaomi Yi, Xiaomi Yi 4K and Xiaomi Yi 4K+. It’s one of Arduino projects. Code is free and available on my github page. I will show schematic for Espressif ESP8266 NodeMCU. For the final product I advise ESP8266 ESP-01 module. So, an Arduino wifi project or Arduino tutorial. I have a separate video on how to setup Arduino environment and core for Espressif ESP8266.
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FREE CODE: https://github.com/rokrodic/Xiaomi_Yi_Remote

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3 thoughts on “🔴 Make XIAOMI YI WIFI remote (Arduino, ESP8266)”

  1. Hello . Thanks for the tutorial,!! I have a problem with the yi lite camera. The comunication and commands are working ok, but if I wait for about 10 or 15 seconds the camera “disconect”. It is not a true disconection, the wifi stack is connected, but the camera do not accept any more command. Any idea?


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