🔴 DIY Velux window blinds repair

Do you have Velux blinds and they do not roll in anymore as they should? Do not throw them away. The repair is very simple and I will show you how to do it!

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Well, mine broke in just about 5 years. I have both outer heat protection blinds and inner duo blinds. They stopped rolling in and were hanging like an empty sack. The reason is a dislocated spring in a hollow tube around which the fabric rolls. I will show you how to repair each of them. I will even reveal a trick how to simply tense a spring.

First let’s start with inner blinds. I have removed the fabric due to other reasons. You will need a screwdriver to disassemble the spring plug like I do it here. The spring is only on one side. On the other side is a dummy plug. You do not have to remove it. As you can see the spring is detached. All you have to do is to reattach it and put some strong glue over the attachment. When the glue dries, just assemble back the tube. Now all you need to do is to tighten the spring.

Secondly let’s see what’s the case with external blinds. Disassembly is the same with a screwdriver. The problem is the same. Deattached spring. Just push it back on. Apply strong glue. I used two different glues here. Here is the glued end result. Now just assemble back the tube.

The easiest way to do it is to manually roll on the fabric. You will need an assistant. Clamp the end pin with pliers. The assistant unrolls the blinds. The spring stretches. When it is completely unrolled, it helps to manually make another turn or two to stretch it more. The end pin might slip out here and you will have to repeat the procedure again. Hold it hard. It helps if your pliers are narrow, because at the end we have to slide our pin into its holder like here. The other end pin is round and just slide it in. At the end release the tube and the fabric will roll on.

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Do Velux blinds or Velux shutters (window blinds) do not roll in anymore? Are your window blinds stuck? Do not throw them away. The windows blinds repair is very simple. In this video I will show you where the problem with Velux window blinds is and how to solve it. You will need some glue, screwdriver and pliers. I repair outer Velux heat protection blinds and inner Velux duo blinds in this video. So, this is a Velux window blinds and Velux windows shutters repair tutorial.

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