🔴 FREE 3D SCAN and PRINT: 3DF ZEPHYR – tutorial

Welcome to my new post for my video on YouTube. In this one, I will show you how make a 3D copy of an object with your phone. I will use 3DF Zephyr Free edition. See the video about it on YouTube! Hi. In my previous video I have shown you how to use Autodesk Recap … Read more

🔴 FREE 3D SCAN and PRINT: Autodesk ReCap Photo – tutorial

3D scan and print: Autodesk ReCap Photo – tutorial See the video on YouTube. This is the text for the video. Hi. In this video I will show you how to make a 3D copy of an objects with your phone in Autodesk ReCap Photo. It’s a beginners tutorial. If you want to use another … Read more