Welcome to my new post for my video on YouTube. In this one, I will show you how to make a guitar capo.

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Hi. Me and my daughter play guitars. I made her a capo/capodester as a present. For those who do not know what capo is, it is a clamp fastened across all the strings of a fretted musical instrument to raise their tuning by a chosen amount. I will show you a basic drawing in free design tool FreeCAD and its measurements. It is a few minutes project. Meanwhile I will play a time-lapse of 3D printing one. If you find this video entertaining and educational, don’t forget to hit LIKE, COMMENT below my video on YouTube, SHARE it with your friends and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Subscribers will be informed about new videos when they are published.
So enough words, let’s start.

First I will show you what measurements to take. We have to measure the neck width. For a standard Ibanez guitar I rounded it to 50mm. As you can see the neck depth widens up the fret board. I measured and rounded it to 25mm.
I drew a basic sketch on the paper. There are two versions. First one is without handles and the second one has them. As you can see, I added 5mm to capo length, so the arm length is 55mm. I put arms 25mm apart. Each arm is set to 15x15mm. On each arm on the inner side I set a different radius, so the capo would fit different guitars and the whole neck if necessary. Just flip it around. Handles are approximately 10 cm long for better grip. Most edges are smoothed in FreeCAD for ergonomic reasons. There is a small spring which tightens the capo grip.
Let’s see how it looks in FreeCAD. Each part is drawn separately. I will flip each one briefly to show you how it looks like. I uploaded files to Thingiverse.com. See the link in the description below.

We will see how to do a simple design of a guitar capo with an open-source tool FreeCAD. I will show you a basic drawing and measurements. It is a few minutes project. Meanwhile I will play a time-lapse of 3D printing one. STL files can be found on my pages on Thingiverse.com. STL files are moved to Thingiverse from my homepage, as it is the main location for my latest updates! More links are available on a separate page, see “links” tab..
The capo is high quality, assembly is fluent. You only need a spring (https://goo.gl/grKP6v) and a M4 screw with a nut.
It’s a FreeCAD tutorial / FreeCAD tutorials for beginners.

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