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Aka. Dryer causing power outage – simple tutorial, repair made by a kid

Welcome to my new post for my video on YouTube. In this one, I will show you how to repair a dryer that is causing power outage. The tutorial is very simple as the repair in this video was mostly done by my 9-years old son Rudi.

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Hi. A few days ago our dryer started causing power outage. Our RCD switch was getting tripped off. This means the live wire was shorted somewhere to the grounding and this is a potentialy a lethal situation. Due to electricity, not due to wearing dirty clothes. So, as clothes were piling up, me and my son had to repair the dryer. In this video I will explain what are the main components of the dryer and potential causes of malfunction. If your dryer works, but your clothes are wet, I also invite you to watch my other video about dryer repair. So, let’s start!

So, we’ve already removed some covers from the dryer. See safety instructions inbetween the video. I have prepared a flashlight as we are going deep into black darkness. The LEDs in the display are on, so the machine electronics work. Motors works. And BAM!!! RCD switch tripped off. Now let’s see what are the main parts of the dryer. Besides electronics there is water pump – just behind here. Through the gray hose flows the collected water out of the machine. The motor is here. And these wires here are for the heater which is behind the machine which we will soon see.

Every household’s electrical installation has to have an RCD (Residual Current Device, for human safety) which prevents or minimises the risk of electric shock, if you touch bare live wire (RCD = FID switch). After the RCD, there are MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breaker) which protect devices from damage caused by overcurrent.
So, if the RCD trips off, there is a short circuit between live wire and grounding. Grounding is connected to the housing of the dryer.

So, to recap – parts of the dryer which can cause phase-to-ground shortage are: electronics, motor, pump, electric heater. If there’s no light on the front panel, it’s electronics. If the motor is not spinning, guess what?, the motor is not working. If there is water under the machine, it’s probably either the water pump or some clogging. If there is no heat, the heater is caput. In my case here we can conclude it’s the heater – when it kicks in the power goes off.

I will disconnect the heater. Let’s check if our deduction is correct. With the disconnected heater I will restart the machine. RCD switch stays on. It’s the heater.

And here is my close associate, my son Rudi, which you might know from his cooking videos. He will remove rear cover of the device which covers the electric heater. He is 9 years old and works like a professional. Heater has themostats at the top and the heating coil at the bottom. Rudi will remove the heater too. If the coil is intact it must be thermostats letting the current flow to housing and grounding.

CAUTION!!! Before every inspection or disection, please don’t forget to unplug the device from the power socket! Mains power can be lethal. Discharge static electricity!

Let’s make another proof of our concept. I have separated the heater from dryer housing and reconnected the connector. If I turn the dryer on and the coil works, it should glow. It works as you can see. I’m checking the plate with phase tester and it is live. As the coil is not touching the metal plate, it’s the thermostat malfunctioning.

Here is a new heating unit. I could not get the thermostats alone. I am fitting the sealing rubber here, reconnecting the connector and screwing the unit back on. Back cover plate also gets back. My associate has other business so I have to do the assembly by myself.

And here is the final test. It starts and turns on the heating.

As you can see, if my 9-years old son and I can do it, so can you. Just don’t let the electricity kill you. That’s all!
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This video:
In this video I will show you how to repair a dryer that is causing power outage. The reason might be dryer motor, dryer electronics, dryer pump or dryer heater. The tutorial is very simple as the repair in this video was mostly done by my 9-years old son Rudi. I will explain what are the main components of the dryer and potential causes of malfunction.This is the video to watch if dryer starts then stops after few seconds!

First video:
How to dismantle and repair dryer? I will show you how a dryer repair is done. Most often the problem are fibre remnants collecting on dryer vent. So, a general dryer vent cleaning tutorial. Also explaining what is the reason for the dryer not heating aka wet clothes. Simple tutorial. Applicable to most dryers (Whirlpool, LG, GE, Gorenje, Hisense, Electrolux, Siemens…). Time lapse video.

Clean, clean, clean! Periodically, so your dryer will work for many years. You will become a dryer repairman?!?
Safety first!!! Unplug the device before opening it! Discharge static electricity! I cannot be held responsible for your mistakes! Be sure you know what are you doing!

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