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Welcome to my post for my video on YouTube. In this one, I will show you how to make a door bumper.

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Hi. In this tutorial I will show you how to design a door bumper. I will reveal a trick how to make your designs smooth in free design tool FreeCAD. We can make it entirely solid or we can make it hollow. I will show you three ways to do it. All the STL files are available on my homepage or on Thingiverse.com. See the description below. During the video I will show you a time-lapse of 3D printing one. As always, if you find this tutorial educational, please hit LIKE below, SHARE this video with your friends, COMMENT below if you want more tutorials and have suggestions, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. More – coming soon!
Well, let’s start!

First I will show you, what we will create today. Two different door bumpers. One has a solid backside and is easier to stick to the wall. The other one is cheaper and faster to make. Stick with me to the end, where I will stick one to the wall.

In FreeCAD create a new empty document. Go to part design section. Create a new sketch. Choose XY plane and click OK. Click on create an arc tool. Draw an arc. Draw a line between arc ending points. Set radius to 10mm. Choose one of the points and set the Y axis offset to 0. Select the arc center point and zero coordinate and coincide them. We have a fully constrained sketch. Close design. Now let’s use revolution function. Select horizontal sketch axis. Set angle to 180 degrees and click OK. We have made a solid bumper. We can 3D print it. Set the infill to around 10%. More is not needed. It will print hollow, but we will have a solid backside.
We can also design it hollow from scratch.
Create a new sketch. XY plane, as before. Toggle the first bumper view with SPACE key. Repeat the drawing procedure as before. Create arc, draw line and coincide the design. But now, we select the radius of 8mm. Again use revolution tool, horizontal axis, 180 degrees.
If we toggle view with SPACE key, we can see the first bumper is larger.
A notice! If you go to EDIT, then PREFERENCES and PART DESIGN, you can see a MAXIMUM DEVIATION setting. By default it is set to 0,5%. If you set it to a lesser value, your designs will be much smoother. Apply settings and click OK.
Now we select both our models and go to PART section. We will use SUBTRACT function. It creates a CUT object from the two. You can see it is hollow. This way we do not have a solid backside.
There is a third way to create a bumper. Go back to PART DESIGN section. Toggle the view and create a new sketch. XY plane. Now draw two arcs. Draw two lines in-between the points. Make them horizontal. Set the Y axis offset to zero for both lines. Now set the radius for each arc. Smaller to 8mm and a larger one to 10mm. I like my designs to be transparent. The design is fully constrained. Click close. Let’s use revolution function once more. Horizontal axis. 180 degrees. Click OK. Let’s see what we’ve got. Same looking bumper as before. If we toggle view on the first one, we see they overlap. Now select one and export it to STL file.

I will show you how to make a door stopper / door bumper in few minutes in free design tool FreeCAD and 3D print it. A simple door hardware. Time lapse. 3 ways to design it. I also reveal a trick in FreeCAD – maximum deviation setting. I use revolution tool. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. You can make: rubber stopper, wall door stop, decorative door stop – any door stopper, just change filament type.

It’s a FreeCAD tutorial / FreeCAD tutorials for beginners.

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