Welcome to my new post for my video on YouTube. In this one, we will show you how make a simple plane from balsa wood.

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Before we start let’s see how the plane flies. At the end we reveal some tricks to make the plane more durable. All the measurements are calculated into inches. You can freely round the numbers.

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1. cutting mat
2. 5x5mm 25cm (0.2×0.2×10″) balsa square strip
3. 1.6mm (0.063″) thick balsa sheet
4. wood glue
5. sharp knife or scalpel
6. ruler
7. toothpicks
8. some Lego blocks
9. modelling clay
10. pencil

First we will cut two wings. Each 18x3cm or 7×1.2″. First measure 18cm on top and then on the bottom. Mark the line in-between. Secondly, mark two-times 3cm on both sides and gently cut out the wings.

Secondly we will cut the horizontal stabilizer. That is tail wing. Only one.
First we will mark 9cm on top an the bottom and a line in-between. Then mark 2cm width on both sides and cut out the tail wing.

Next we will cut out the plane body from balsa square strip. Mark the 25cm line all around the strip and gently cut it to prevent it from tearing.

Now we will cut the vertical stabilizer. That is tail of the plane. It has a specific shape. Here are the measurements.
Because this is our second plane, we already have the angled cut-out. The animation shows how to cut the first and the second tail.

Now we will start gluing parts together. Take your plane body and a ruler. See the marks on the screen where and what to measure. Now mark the starting point of the wings from the plane nose. Mark at 11cm (4.3″). Next prepare your Lego blocks. Put 3 together for each wing. Now put wood glue to each wing and glue them behind the mark we have made on the body. Adjust the blocks equally.
When the glue dries, put some more glue around the joint. On the bottom and on the top.

Let’s glue the tail wing. Measure and mark the middle of the tail wing. All the way around. Now put some glue on the line and join the tail and the body.

Now we will glue the tail. Prepare two additional Lego blocks as seen on the screen. They will support the tail at right angle. See how it’s made up close.

TIP #1
When choosing a knife, always use a sharp one to avoid tearing of the balsa.

TIP #2
Here you can see how to make the wing joint sturdier. Use some balsa leftovers, cut them to wing width and glue them to the top. It is easier if you first apply the glue and push sticks into it. Here you can see details on the photo.

TIP #3
Tail will break the first. We advise you to fasten it with a toothpick. Cut it to appropriate length and glue it to the back of the tail. Here is a photo of the detail.

TIP #4
As balsa is very thin and lightweight we advise you to always cut it toward the middle to prevent is from splitting. For the same reason have your knife sharp and always cut at a low angle.

Before the first flight you will have to balance the plane. Use some modelling clay and put it on the nose of the plane. The amount is correct when the plane does not tilt when you hold it in the middle of the wings.

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In this video we will show you how to make a very simple plane from balsa wood. It is a tutorial for kids, beginners. There are step by step detailed instructions. During the video we also show many tips how to make the plane durable – steps youngsters tend to skip… It’s one of simple airplane models, a toy plane from balsa wood. We have made several models – by a 8 and 10 year old kids.
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Things you will need are:
1. cutting mat (advised)
2. 5x5mm 25cm (0.2×0.2×10″) balsa square strip
3. 1.6mm (0.063″) thick balsa sheet
4. wood glue
5. sharp knife or scalpel
6. ruler
7. toothpicks (advised)
8. some Lego blocks (advised)
9. modelling clay
10. pencil (advised)

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