SIMPLE LEVELER – simple camper leveling system

SIMPLE LEVELER – Wireless Camper Leveling System

SIMPLE LEVELER camper leveling system
SIMPLE LEVELER camper leveling system

SIMPLE LEVELER is a wireless vehicle leveling system (camper leveling system, motorhome leveling system, RV leveling system, trailer leveling system) that tells you exactly how much and where the vehicle needs to be placed to be horizontal. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app displays all the information you need.

SIMPLE LEVELER is designed for rolling stock and towing vehicles. You can use it while searching for a parking location. This way you will find the most suitable location in the beginning. The device saves you both time and all the stress during parking.

SIMPLE LEVELER is recommended for use in any camper, motorhome (RV), containers, caravans of all kinds… Eg. caravans, animal transport trailers, medical vehicles, food trucks…
Simplify the layout or. vehicle adjustment, save time, reduce stress and increase safety with SIMPLE LEVELER.

You can see much more information on the seller’s homepage: WWW.ROJO.SI

I have developed the whole system i.e. made and designed the hardware, wrote firmware for the device, developed firmware encryption system, written the application and code for the firmware update server. Languages I have used in this project: assembler, C, C++, C#, PHP.

Well, some more info:

Simple Leveler app together with Simple Leveler device helps leveling camper, trailer, motorhome, caravan or any other 3-wheels or 4-wheels vehicle. So, it’s camper leveling system, some say motorhome leveling system, RV leveling system or even trailer leveling system. Even container or forklift. I.E. it consists of an mobile application and bluetooth device – a kit. The app shows how many centimeters or inches you have to rise each wheel to make the vehicle water level. All you need is to measure (one time) vehicle wheel base and the distance between wheels.

How it works?
Leave your camper or trailer at the spot where you want to park it. Put the Simple Leveler device somewhere in your vehicle, preferably on a flat surface (the location it was calibrated on – one time calibration). Turn the device on, leave the vehicle and run this app on your phone or tablet. It will show you how much to rise each wheel at this location. Procede:
1. Freeze screen. Turn device off. Mark the location of the wheels on the terrain and move it. Set wedges and park on them.
2. You might leave the vehicle on spot and use lifts. Rise it until it is level with the ground. Turn device off.

Languages: 1. English 2. Spanish 3. French 4. German 5. Slovenian 6. Italian 7. Croatian… More languages and corrections can be added.

Communitation: Bluetooth(c) LE 4.2 and more.
Newer versions of android require location permission for the bluetooth to work. The app does not collect nor send any information about the user.

The device can be calibrated to be used on various locations, like the drawbar, the floor, a chair, a table or any other location, even if this surface is not flat! Specific and precise instructions come with the device. Simple Leveler device manufacturer:

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